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We stand together like Bamboo in a forest. Rain or shine, we will persevere through this time.

We've completed 70% of our goal!

7,000 bracelets distributed.

Let's keep the momentum.


Let's paint this map Bambū green!!

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BAMBŪ stands for Bringing Awareness through Medicine by Uniting.

As a healthcare provider, now more than ever, my colleagues and I need support and endurance. I wanted to help provide unity and optimism for other providers and created something symbolic to unite us. Bamboo was the perfect symbol for everything we need to stay strong during hardship in our careers.

By wearing our bracelets we are united, remain strong, and support those who have served and cared for patients on the frontlines. We must remain AWARE of the sacrifice and mental effects our healthcare providers endure.

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Christen Roberts, CRNA

Bambū Founder

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Historically bamboo has symbolized strength, grace, flexibility, endurance, optimism, adaptability and UNITY.

“When the storm comes, the bamboo bends with the wind. When the storm ceases it resumes its upright position.”

The Bracelets are made with Bamboo - antimicrobial, water/sweat/odor resistant and breathable.

Give Back:

Healthcare providers must be able to care for themselves as they do their patients. There are many hardships within the career which can be both physically and mentally taxing. Often overlooked, those hardships can also be detrimental.

Our providers need a tangible reminder that they are appreciated. Order bracelets for your local medical facility, office/center, or hospital.

As Mrs. Georgia American 2020, I want to arm 10,000 providers with this simple reminder that they are loved and appreciated for their daily sacrifices.

Proceeds to support Victoria's Voice, a Mrs. America(n) foundation dedicated to reducing drug abuse and overdose deaths.

Help support two amazing causes with one action!!

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If you don't know the address of the facility and want us to ship directly to them in care of your name - simply put the facility name on the address line in the shipping address with the City and State and we will take care of the delivery.



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